Issue china

My Position: Engage the communist government of China from a position of strength, politically and economically.

America faces numerous foreign policy challenges; the communist government of China poses the most serious threat to America from nation-state actors.  For decades, the communist government of China has inflicted economic espionage on the United States. The damage in theft of intellectual property and unfair trade practices is measured in the hundreds-of-billions of dollars. American companies seeking to conduct business in China are subjected to ‘forced technology transfer.’  The Chinese communist government force American companies to ‘share’ their technology with Chinese companies, usually state-owned-companies.  This is theft, plain and simple.  Additionally, agents of the communist government have infiltrated American Universities that conduct research and development on advanced technologies.

It is no secret that the communist government of China seeks to replace the United States as the world Superpower.  They have been committed to this objective since 1949.  The communist government of China not only engages in economic theft, they abuse the human rights of Chinese citizens brave enough to speak against the government.  It is also a known fact that the communist government of China enslaves, tortures, and abuses their Uighur population by imprisoning millions of Uighurs in labor camps, which are similar to Nazi concentration camps. 

China is the starting point for the production of fentanyl that ultimately crosses the US-Mexican border, and is responsible for the overdose deaths of over 100,000 Americans.  This is an act-of-war and America needs to respond forcefully until the flow of fentanyl is reduced substantially. 

China unleashed the Covid-19 virus on the world.  The communist government of China engaged in gain-of-function research for the virus in a Wuhan, China lab.  China knew they had a human-to-human transmission problem.  However, despite curtailing their domestic airline flights, China permitted international air travel to and from other countries for weeks, maybe months, thereby spreading the virus globally.

 The communist government of China is no friend of America, freedom, human rights, or liberty; they are a cesspool of tyrannical thieves and thugs.

Policies: Tariff goods manufactured in China to compensate for the intellectual property theft and the damage the corona-virus caused to America’s economy; increase American military presence in the South China Sea; expel Chinese diplomats and close Chinese consulates in America; withhold federal aid to colleges and universities that take money from Chinese companies and Chinese universities; remove ambiguity as it relates to the defense of Taiwan; continue to arm Taiwan and our Asian allies Japan, South Korea, and the Philippines.  Make it clear to China that we would entertain a military alliance with Vietnam.

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