Issue immigration

My Position:

-Secure our southern border we share with Mexico, and also secure the northern border we share with Canada.

-Finish constructing the Wall started during the Trump administration.

-Deploy the US Military to secure both the northern and southern borders

– Implement e-verify for America’s workforce

-Implement Title 42 health protections

-Suspend federal aid to sanctuary cities, counties, and states

-Use the US Military to directly engage the drug cartels on the southern border

-End catch-and-release

-Resurrect the ‘Remain in Mexico’ Policy

America is an idea, an experiment.  An experiment where individuals can manage their own lives and affairs.  An experiment where individuals can pursue dreams and passions in a free and open economy and political culture.  The American experiment is still young, and growing.

America is not a color or gender.  America’s experiment is to empower individual’s to live and manage their lives with minimal interference from the government.  The American experiment limits government power by enshrining sacred rights in our Constitution’s Bill-of-Rights.  The American experiment can be summed up as individual rights for all citizens, limited government to prevent abuse of power, economic and political freedom, freedom of religion, speech, association, and assembly.

America’s immigration policies should ensure the following objectives are achieved:

1- Secure both the southern and northern borders: Impenetrable wall; military presence; Title 42 enforcement; aggressive deportation of criminals

2- Effective tracking of who is here in our country, why they are here, and measures to ensure that legal immigrants do not overstay their work or student visa, thereby becoming illegal immigrants

3- Stiff penalties for illegal immigrants: deportation and fines

4- Issuance of work visas that benefit our American economy and American workforce

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