Issue drugs

I have said this for years. The push to legalize marijuana, and drugs more broadly, is going to result in one of the most egregious tragedies inflicted on America’s youth. Studies are beginning to show and prove that legalizing marijuana is having disastrous effects on our young people. While at the same time, our young people, at a younger age, are being sexualized in the public education system and entertainment culture. What a disaster this will be. The marxist-left is destroying America’s youth through sexualization and drugs. Time to put an end to this once-and-for all. There needs to be a nation-wide campaign against drug use, as there was in the 1980’s. Pushback is needed, from parents and schools to state governments and Presidential Administrations. So much will be lost – drug use results in destroyed lives, whether or not some legislature writes down on a piece of paper that it is now legal. Depression, suicide, dysfunction, crime, etc. all increase. America is utterly failing to protect its children. This is an unconscionable breakdown and decay of social and cultural fabric. We need young people to be healthy, mentally and physically, to serve in our military, educate themselves, join the workforce, lead productive lives, raise families, and generally be able to handle being a responsible adult. Promoting drug use will pose a threat to all of these virtues. Time to change the narrative and push back on this declared war on America’s children.

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