Issue energy

My position:

-Responsibly produce domestic energy

-Reignite America’s domestic energy production industry

-Promote, rather than restrict, energy production on federal lands

-Expedite federal leasing and permitting for energy development projects

-Use Photovoltaic generation to develop urban-located industrial and business Brownfields.

Energy policy encompasses critical parts of our individual lives as Americans, our national security as a country, and the performance of our economy.  Few issues have the impact that energy policy currently has, and will continue to have, on America’s well-being.

Energy affects every economic interaction and transaction we engage in.  Energy policy affects the cost of our mobility and freedom of movement as reflected in gasoline prices; it affects the economic security for millions of Americans that are employed throughout the energy industry; it affects our national security as determined whether America is energy independent or energy dependent; it affects the cost of the everyday items we use in our personal and professional lives.

In my life time, America has been energy independent for a few short years under the Trump Administration.  Other than those few years, America has been dependent on foreign sources of energy, primarily oil.  The implication of this dependency is conspicuous: weakness.  Being dependent on foreign sources of energy demonstrates weakness.  I abhor weakness.  There is no reason, under the rays of God’s gracious shining sun, why America should be dependent on foreign sources of energy.

America has more oil, more natural gas, more clean-burning coal, and more technological capacity for nuclear power, than any other country in this world.  With the requisite political will and leadership, America can easily become energy independent and energy dominant again.  We can provide hundreds of thousands of blue-collar jobs, gainfully employing Americans, and ensure our middle class is productive and economically secure.  We can once again, as America did under President Trump, dissolve the bonds of energy dependence on foreign countries.

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